gregorio galati

Building e-Commerce omnichannel Strategy through Paid Advertising, Influencer Marketing, Automation (e-mail, sms, chatbot) and Social Media.

How it works:

Let’s start with a quick phone chat where I can understand more about Company and  the e-Commerce project: past actions, current conditions and future goals. 

If the quick briefing was a great match for both I’ll run a free audit on the e-Commerce and all connected channels (Social Media, Advertising and analytics platforms).

This step is needed in order to understand if the e-Commerce has the right margin to scale considering all advertising costs.

If all numbers look good I’ll study a Strategy for the e-Commerce in 3 weeks time after the audit.

In this meeting we’ll talk about forecast, expected roas/roi/cac, other kpi and costs.

In this stage I’ll take over all the accounts in order to work on the set-up and get everything ready for the testing phase.

We’ll need 3/6 months for testing and optimizing our strategy (contents, audiences, creativities and so on).

Once all the system is stable and effective we can start working properly in acquiring new customers and up-sell the existing ones.